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Stackable Chaise Lounge

Stackable Chaise Lounge #820

Features offset rail and extra bracing in seat area.

spacer Stackable Clubchair

Stackable Clubchair #800-B

Our original Braced Design

Stackable Sand Chair

Stackable sand chair #802-A and 18" fiberglass side table #818-F with acrylic and metal tops available.

spacer Bar Stool

Bar stool #870. Bar height tables available in fiberglass, acrylic or metal tops

stackable lounge

Stackable Lounge #I-149 and Stackable chair #I-50

spacer spacer

42" aluminum painted umbrella table #R42-punch. Available in various colors.


Stackable Classic sling lounge #C150SL and Classic sling chair #C50SL

spacer Double Chair with 10.5

Available metal table top patterns.

7.5 ft market umbrella

7.5 ft. fiberglass rib umbrella with 80 lb. concrete umbrella weight

spacer Easy Reader

42" fiberglass top table #R42-F. Available with or without hole.

Easy Reader

Crescent Craft's own Easy Reader #820-H ( 1996)

Perfect for lying back to read in any position.

spacer Flat Arm Sled Base Stack Chair

Flat Arm Sled Base Stack Chair #801 and 42" dia. Acrylic Table #842-A.

Set is umbrella compatible. Fiberglass Table Top available.

I-151 stackable lounge with arms

Stackable Lounge with Arms #I-151

spacer Stackable Chair

Stackable Chair #800-B and 42" dia. Fiberglass Dining table #842-F.

Acrylic Table Top is available. Please note our orginal bracing design construction.